20 Bong Designs that are Popular Right Now

20 Bong Designs that are Popular Right Now

The glass bong is a testament to the sheer ingenuity of the cannabis community. What started as a filtering mechanism has become a form of artistic expression and high-quality smoker engineering.

In this post, we feature 20 of the most popular bong designs available on the market. Many serve strictly as efficient ways to deliver smoke, while others only add value through their stunning visual appearance or creative glasswork.

The Significance of Bong Design

A bong’s design plays an essential role in how the smoke is delivered; through the years, elements like ice catchers, percolators, and intricate smoke chambers have allowed smokers to enjoy their choice of herb more efficiently, with less strain on their lungs.

#1 Beaker Bong

The beaker bong is an iconic design that utilizes the shape of an essential chemistry glassware piece known as the Erlenmeyer Flask. Most modern commercial beaker bongs include an ice catcher.

#2 Zong

A zong’s striking design features a zig-zag neck creating a ‘Z’ shape. Many veteran smokers take advantage of the unique design by adding ice to each corner to cool the smoke. 

#3 Bent Neck Bong

The bent neck design allows the user to hit the mouthpiece from a more suitable angle. Most bongs require the user to hover entirely over the water pipe, while the kink neck can be enjoyed from the side.

#4 Straight Tube Bong

A straight tube bong is a classic design that is simple, but tried and true. The straight tube neck offers the most direct path from the bowl to the mouthpiece - ideal if you are looking for the most intense hit.

#5 Single Percolator Bong

The percolator is one of the most impressive innovations in the history of cannabis consumption. A bong with just one percolator provides an elevated smoking experience and is far less harsh on the lungs.

#6 Multiple Percolator Bong

More expensive bongs come with multiple percolator systems, offering a smoking experience unparalleled to anything we’ve ever seen. The percolators act in unison to break down smoke particles creating a less intense inhale. 

#7 Classic Round Base Bong Design

The beaker, tube, and round base are the 3 iconic bong designs. The round base typically offers the most water volume and requires a stronger pull resulting in massive hits.

#8 Multiple Chamber Bong

Including multiple chambers in a bong’s design allows the manufacturer to get creative with additional elements like ice catchers and percolators.

#9 Smoke Recycler Bong

A recycler bong is one of the latest innovations in cannabis consumption. The unique chamber design keeps the water moving, creating a whirlpool effect for smooth, flavorful hits.

#10 Ice Catcher Bong

The ice catcher is a classic bong feature still very much present in the modern industry. Ice cools the smoke allowing the user to take larger hits.

#11 Gravity Bong

While the gravity bong is a favorite of DIY bong engineers, the unique design has been adopted by smoking accessory manufacturers. Instead of lighting the herb through suction, the design allows gravity to do the work. Then, once the chamber is full, the user can take a hit or clear the bong.

#12 Waterfall Bong

A waterfall and gravity design have many commonalities, including origins as a DIY favourite.

The waterfall bong also uses gravity to fill the chamber through a separate mechanism. Releasing water causes suction, lighting the bowl and filling the chamber with smoke. Another critical difference between the waterfall bong and the gravity bong is that the waterfall leaves the smoker without water to filter the smoke.

#13 Dab Rig

Similar to a traditional bong, Dab Rigs are used to smoke concentrates, which deliver a more powerful smoking experience as compared to Bongs. 

#14 Bubbler Bong

A bubbler combines a pipe and a bong, offering the user more accessibility due to the smaller size.

#15 Faberge Egg

The Faberge egg bong is a complex design that serves a similar purpose as a percolator. A circular chamber with various openings diffuses smoke providing a premium hit.

#16 Novelty Bongs

Not all bongs are built for efficiency. Many smokers are content without the addition of technology and would rather have a bong featuring a stylized design or pop culture reference to show off to their friends.

#17 Carburetor Bongs

Bongs that use a hole to clear the chamber rather than the traditional separated bowl and stem piece are known as carburetor or carb bongs.

#18 Artistic Bongs

Bongs have given glass artists an outlet to showcase their skills and creativity. It’s truly incredible to see the dedication and attention to detail of premium glass bong art.

#19 Long Neck Bongs

The long-neck bong is a favourite among college fraternities. While a six-foot bong isn’t the most practical, it is fun to bring out to entertain party guests!

#20 Homemade Bong

The homemade bong will forever be a vital part of cannabis culture. Whether it’s a gravity bong made from a milk jug or a water bottle bong, homemade bongs are close to every cannabis user’s heart.

As you can see, there’s no shortage of ingenuity or creativity in the cannabis community. Each type of bong design serves a purpose; most are functional, but others purely for artistic expression or as a novelty. 

The bong - and the evolution of the bong’s design - will continue to grow as cannabis becomes more socially acceptable; we are excited to see what the future holds for this essential element of the culture. Pipe supplier offers design and manufacture services, speak to our team to learn more today: https://www.pipe-supplier.com/pages/contact