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Our world-class production facility is based in Anhui, China , one of the provinces well-known for press glass exports.

With a team of over 1,700 workers, we are able to provide a factory-direct production solution.

Manufacturing Process

Interested in knowing how our pipes and bongs are made? Check out our manufacturing process.

1. Procurement

Quartz is main material procured for glass production

2. Shaping & Forming

Each shape is achieved using a glass press machine.

3. Cooling

Each piece is cooled.

4. Quality Checking

The final step is the 100% quality check before packing.

Custom Designs Available

Work with our engineering & design team to develop your own custom designs.

Need help manufacturing?

Find the best factories in China to manufacture pipes, bongs, grinders, storage & other accessories for the cannabis industry!

Rolling Tray BoxDugout with GrinderDugout with GrinderDugout5ml White Square Concentrate Jar with Matte White Child-Resistant Lid

Wholesale Glass

Storage Jars

Check out tons of grinder styles available off the shelf. Or contact one of our Sales Representatives if you want to develop your own custom glass pipe!

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