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Glass Factory Profile

Our world-class production facility is based in Hebei, China, one of the provinces well-known for glass exports.

With a team of over 150 master glass blowers, we are able to provide a factory-direct production solution.

Manufacturing Process

Interested in knowing how our pipes and bongs are made? Check out our manufacturing process.

1. Glass Tube Procurement

We use high quality, super-transparent borosilicate 3.3 glass tubes to create a vast array of designs, shapes and colors.

2. Heating & Blowing

Each piece is hand crafted by a dedicated team of master glass blowers to ensure all products are made to spec.

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3. Lathe Machines

Our production facility has over 60 lathe machines operated by master glass blowers.

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4. Annealing/ Firing

The final step in our glassware production is putting all our glass products through an automated annealing oven to ensure all glass products are stress-free.

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Glass Blowing Masters

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Pipe Manufacturng

Smoking PIpes

Check out tons of pipes styles available off the shelf. Or contact one of our Sales Representatives if you want to develop your own custom glass pipe!

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