How It Works

Our proven process for helping brands manufacture intellegently.

1. Project Evaluation

Send us your design. A sketch, CAD file, or whatever you have.

We will do a review of your design with our engineering & production team.

2. Quotations

Once we confirm the design feasibility, we will provide a quotation, normally within 24-48 hours.

Minimum Order Quantifies for a product, like a pipe, typically start at 500 units.

3. Protoyping & Sampling

Custom samples can be made within 2-3 weeks on average.

4. Production & Inspection

Production takes 45-60 days on average after approving the first sample.

We have over 30 quality-control inspectors across Asia who manage on-site inspection of your goods to ensure quality standards are met.

5. Shipping

After passing our quality-control inspection, we'll ship your goods by ocean freight to the US which takes around 4-5 weeks; or in as little as week by if shipping by air.

How Long Does the Whole Process Take?


Creating a prototype and sample takes about 2-3 weeks on average; and often requires a few rounds before final approval.


The production process takes 4-8 weeks on average.


Transit time ranges from 1 - 6 weeks on average, depending on if you're shipping by ocean or by air.

Need help designing a product?

We have a team of very capable designers who can help bring your product ideas to life. We can help desgin everything from pipes to bongs to storage solutions. We will even help you patent it.

Still not sure?

Check out this case study.

Cannabis Accessories

We helped our client set up a scalable manufacturing solution for a line of high-end glass and wood smoking accessories for the cannabis industry.