Cannabis Gift Guide

Cannabis Gift Guide

When gift-giving to a cannabis enthusiast, getting the right gift can be tricky. As the leading smoking accessories manufacturer from China, we’ve put together a list of options to help you expand your portfolio for gifting season.

Check out this list of options - we’re sure you’ll find that special something for every stoner to add to your brand: 

  • The Smell-proof pouch

This smell-proof pouch is a portable cannabis sac that enables you to carry around your stack, smell-proof.

Sure, cannabis might be legal and healthy but that doesn’t mean stoners want to smell like weed all the time.

  • The Levo II Infuser

The Levo II Infuser is a small at-home high-tech machine used to infuse weed into other foods. Whether it’s coffee, or your pastry batter - this is a sure-fire gift to please. Speaking of pastry batter, check out… 

  • The Weed Waffle Maker

With the weed waffle maker, you can comfortably make weed-based waffles at home. The only other thing you need is the syrup!

The weed waffle maker and the Levo II infuser would make a great gift combo for any weed and food enthusiasts. 

  • Bong Appétit

For your culinary enthusiast and regular stoner, Bong Appétit is a book containing  a collection of recipes and ideas on how to make full-stack meals with cannabis. Imagine getting stoned for breakfast, lunch and dinner! 

  • The Apothecary Case

The apothecary case is a great gift for any stoner. It offers a safe, smell-free space for your stack. The Apothecarry case is designed to maintain the right humidity for your cannabis, while looking professional too, so it’s a great all-round gift.

  • Hakuna Supply Subscription

Another great cannabis box you should consider is the Hakuna bud case. With a subscription, you get a discreet delivery of the box with hemp accessories such as twisted wraps, and wick rolls on a monthly basis. 

  • The V2-50 Portable Electric Herb Grinder

This piece of tech is an at-home grinder which is one-hand-operable and effective in grinding, slicing, dicing and dispensing cannabis. It is also very affordable and is a must have for cannabis-lovers! 

  • E-lighter

The e-lighter is a great way to upgrade your cannabis game. It offers you a fire-free passage to a lit bud. All you need to do is set your bud next to it and press the button. It also comes with a rechargeable battery. 

  • The Portable FX Decarboxylator

 With regards to cannabis, the word decarboxylation means to ‘unleash’, ‘release’, or ‘animate’ the psychoactive effects of your cannabis.

The Portable FX Decarboxylator is the go-to machine when you need to blend, melt, and extract cannabis for making cannabis-infused edibles. You can even go as far as baking cannabis with this. In other words, you have full creative control! 

Wrapping up

There are many more gifts you can offer a cannabis enthusiast but the list above is one to go shopping with. And while you consider what gift to get, be certain it is thoughtful and fun!

Interested in these smoking accessories to add to your brand or store? Reach out to our team for sourcing the trendiest smoking accessories from China to add to your portfolio!