Top 10 Successful Smoking Pipe Brands You Should Know

Top 10 Successful Smoking Pipe Brands You Should Know

Smoking pipe brands are a dime a dozen.

However, we’ve taken the time to find the ten best smoking pipe brands to experience an enjoyable herb session every time you light up.

10. Vessel

Vessel is an ultra-modern smoking brand that focuses on creating precision-crafted brass pipes.

From rose gold to gunmetal colors, Vessel’s Helix pipes are a sight to behold. With patented double-helix cooling designs, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better smoking pipe brand than Vessel.

9. Pulsar

Pulsar is a tried-and-true smoking pipe brand revered by herb enthusiasts worldwide.

From borosilicate glass to mind-bending designs, Pulsar is a unique smoking pipe brand that offers top-shelf products for any preference. Whether searching for a donut spoon pipe or chillum, you’ll find everything you need at Pulsar.

8. Hoj

Danish pipe maker Hoj recently splashed into the scene of smoking pipes and accessories — and we’re all for it.

Hoj’s Kol 2.0 pipe is crafted from aluminum and titanium, making it easy to clean, ultra-durable, and a pleasure to smoke. As you can expect from a Danish design, the Hoj Kol rips like no other while providing excellent filtration and magnetic parts for quick assembly.

7. Torcher Glass

If you’re searching for an OG pipe brand that offers old-school flair while producing out-of-this-world glass design — look no further than Torcher Glass.

Torcher Glass specializes in trippy designs and hand-blown pipes that rip harder than anything you’ve experienced. Ultimately, there isn’t a glass pipe from Torcher that you won’t be blown away by.

6. Genius

If you’re looking for the best portable pipe brand — look no further than Genius.

Genius makes the Gadget — one of the most popular smoking pipes in the world. The Gadget is built to slide effortlessly into your pocket and is ready for any party or beach gathering.

5. Grav

Grav is one of the world's most successful smoking pipe brands because of its high-quality products and affordable pricing.

Most importantly, Grav produces a wide array of pipes, making it easy to find the perfect product for your preference. Whether you need a sherlock pipe or spoon, you’ll always have an epic selection with the Grav brand.

4. Session

Session is a relatively new brand experiencing success due to its outstanding pipe design.

From massive hits to trendy silicone protective sleeves, the Session pipe brand is one for the books in 2022. Thoughtfully designed for the most demanding herb connoisseur, Session’s Pipe is ready for sesh after sesh of smoke-filled fun.

3. Freeze Pipe

Freeze Pipe is hailed by herb connoisseurs worldwide as one of the best pipe brands because of its attention to smooth hits.

Smoking is naturally harsh on the lungs, but Freeze Pipe fixes this with their ingenious glycerin coil design. Simply throw your Freeze Pipe into the freezer and allow the glycerin coil to freeze, making each hit as smooth as butter.

2. Marley Natural

Marley Natural elevates the pipe game to a whole new level.

From natural wood to ultra-strong glass, Marley Natural crafts some of the best pipes in the industry. With a focus on sustainability and usability, it’s no mystery why Marley Natural has grown as one of the best smoking pipe brands.

1. Higher Standards

If you’re looking for the most elevated smoking experience — nothing comes close to the brand Higher Standards.

Higher Standards crafts state-of-the-art glass smoking pipes that produce thick, velvety smoke. Known as an industry leader, Higher Standards implements some of the thickest glass to ensure an accidental drop doesn’t ruin your experience.

Ultimately, the name Higher Standards isn’t just a name — it’s the ethos that makes it one of the most successful smoking pipe brands worldwide.


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