Top 10 Weed Accessories in 2022

Top 10 Weed Accessories in 2022

The cannabis industry has emerged from the shadows of prohibition into mainstream culture. In the past, weed accessories were extremely limited to the public and unimaginative. Since legalization and acceptance by the majority, however, the industry has undergone exponential innovation, ultimately bringing new exciting products to cannabis users.


We've dedicated this post to showcasing 10 of the most exciting weed accessories every cannabis user needs in 2022. While some exhibit how far we've come as an industry, others are improvements on classic smoking essentials. 

#10 Custom Ceramic Ashtray

While ashtrays are far from an innovative product, cultural acceptance has ushered in a new demand for chic, handmade pieces for living areas. 

Ditch the dirty plastic ashtray this year and find a unique, handmade ceramic vessel to ash your joints.

#9 Rolling Tray

The rolling tray is another essential weed accessory that has evolved with the times. Cannabis users now have options specifically designed for breaking down nugs, separating stems, and rolling perfect joints or blunts. 

#8 Elevated Papers and Wraps 

Rolling papers and blunt wraps will always be a fundamental part of cannabis culture. Today we have incredible options ranging from novelty wraps in exotic prints and colors, to utilizing new materials like 100% hemp blunts - and even palm leaf wraps.

#7 Oil Infuser 

Our next essential weed accessory is a testament to the technological advancement in the cannabis industry in the past few years. Cannabis users can now decarboxylate (activate cannabinoids with heat) and make infusions at home in a controlled environment. 

In the past, we've been subjected to putting flower in the oven to decarb and infusing it into butter, a lengthy process that typically leads to unpredictable potency levels. 

Today, adventurous cannabis consumers have the option of making their own edibles or oil with a DIY infuser. The machine decarboxylates the cannabinoids in the flower, separates the valuable compounds from the plant matter, and infuses it into the extract of your choice (butter or oil). 

#6 Smell Proof Containers 

Containers are an important aspect of cannabis culture for two reasons: everyone needs a safe place to put their weed to avoid degradation and may find themselves in a situation where the strong smell of cannabis needs to be concealed. 

Headshops have always carried smell-proof containers concealed in fake soda cans or lunchboxes. Thankfully the selection has evolved to include more stylish and functional options. Cannabis users now have access to a plethora of choices, from highly effective plastic bags to trendy yet discreet boxes.

#5 Volcano Vaporizer

The most advanced weed accessory in the industry is the vaporizer. Vaping cannabis allows users to enjoy their favorite flower or extracts in a highly efficient and technologically advanced manner. 

Out of all stationary vaporizers, the Volcano is by far the most impressive. While it was an innovator in the industry's early days, the Volcano remains a favorite due to regular upgrades and modifications to the iconic design.  

#4 Utility Tool 

A pocket knife for stoners! Poke, scrape, unclog, pack, and cut all using just one tool. 

Utility tools are a must-have weed accessory, especially for pipe and bong smokers. 

#3 E-Nail 

The electronic nail is a genius invention that takes dab rigs to the next level. Many cannabis users are hesitant to have a butane torch around the house and feel a bit overwhelmed with the process. The e-nail solves both problems. 

Much like a vaporizer, the e-nail uses electricity to heat dabs. The process is safe, clean, and more manageable than torching a nail until it's red hot. 

#2 Glass Cleaner 

Every bong or pipe user needs a glass cleaner specifically made to clean cannabis resin. There's no excuse for having a smelly bong in 2022. 

The options available today work unbelievably well. Modern glass cleaners can transform a crusty bong, pipe, or dab rig in just a few minutes. 

Not only will the glass pipe become more inviting and smell less toxic, but pieces also last much longer if they are cleaned from time to time.  

#1 Electric Grinder 

Our number one pick for essential weed accessories in 2022 is the electric grinder. Cannabis users who claim they enjoy the organic experience of grinding weed up by hand probably haven't tried a futuristic grinder with a battery. 

Not only does an e-grinder save time, but they also produce a consistency optimized for rolling joints or packing bowls. In addition, many electric grinders offer localized dispensers that allow users to control where their weed goes. This helps keep surfaces clean and enables smokers to enjoy ground-up cannabis on the go.  

Embrace the Future of Weed Accessories 

Cannabis has come a long way since the late 1960s. Today consumers have access to incredible products that are evolutions of essential weed accessories of the past and new technology that improves the cannabis experience.