What you need to know when selling smoking pipes in the US

What you need to know when selling smoking pipes in the US

While tobacco and cannabis sales are highly regulated in the United States, selling smoking pipes and other paraphernalia is not nearly as challenging. Moreover, as states fully legalize or allow medical marijuana sales, the market potential to sell smoking pipe in US grows exponentially.

There are incredible opportunities for a foreign investor looking to capitalize on the rapidly expanding US pipe market. However, selling products related to tobacco and cannabis does come with obstacles.

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about selling smoking pipes in the US, from the types of pipes that are popular, to regulations you must adhere to to be successful. After reading, you will be able to navigate the highly lucrative opportunity with confidence, and begin your journey, capturing a percentage of the massive market.

What is Considered a Smoking Pipe?

A smoking pipe is a device used to inhale tobacco or herbs. The chamber stores the plant matter and handles the heat. Once the user inhales, smoke is sent through the stem and out the mouthpiece. Many pipes contain a filter to ensure the matter isn’t inhaled and a carb for the user to clear the smoke from the chamber.

Most people immediately think of consuming cannabis when they see a glass pipe or water bong; however, many users utilize smoking devices to consume tobacco or hemp, two products that are 100% legal in every US state.

Types of Smoking Pipes

The evolution of smoking pipes has sped up in recent years with cannabis use becoming less taboo and emerging into the mainstream.

Below are the main types of smoking pipes used by tobacco and cannabis users in 2022:

Glass Pipes

Glass is one of the most popular smoking materials because it handles heat well and delivers unmatched flavor. Every smoking pipe shop tries to include glass as a substantial portion of its inventory.  

Wood Pipes

Wooden smoking pipes are less common with the younger generations but still a prominent type of smoking device. The majority of wood pipe smokers use this type of piece for smoking tobacco.

Metal Pipes

Metal is the most durable type of pipe on the market. While the taste isn’t on par with glass or wood, metal pipes are perfect for smoking on the go because they won’t break when dropped.

Water Pipes

Bongs or water pipes come in a seemingly infinite variety of shapes and designs. These types of smoking devices can be incredibly complex, including percolators and ice cooling mechanisms to improve the user experience.

Dab Rigs

Cannabis concentrates have become extremely popular due to legalization. High-tech dab rigs allow users to take intense hits of highly concentrated cannabis products.

Electronic Smoking Devices (Vapes)

Vaporizers are another option to sell in the US. They are highly popular, and there are many high-end vapes that cater to the cannabis and tobacco communities.

Are Selling Smoking Pipes Legal in the US?

Selling smoking pipes in the US is 100% legal and doesn’t require a special license. Because there isn’t any tobacco or cannabis in the product, regulators allow the sale. The way they are marketed, however, is strictly enforced by federal and state governments as well as popular marketplaces.

Smoking Pipe Regulations in the US

Entering the US smoking pipe market can be highly lucrative, yet you must be sure to understand the regulations before investing.

Do I Need a Tobacco License?

No. You don’t need a tobacco license to sell smoking pipes in the US. If your retail or online shop wants to include tobacco products, however, you will have to pay the state an annual fee.

What Do I Need to Avoid?

The main concern with selling smoking pipes is adhering to the language allowed on popular platforms. Selling products designed to smoke marijuana, for instance, isn’t permitted on Amazon, eBay, or most credit card processing companies.

Marketers have to present the smoking pipes strictly for tobacco use to be permitted in the United States.

Credit Card Merchants and Banks

Another issue is complying with merchant services and major banks. Even if you perfectly market your smoking pipes for tobacco use only, they still fall under a ‘high risk’ classification. You will have to find a credit card processor specializing in handling ‘high risk’ products and a reliable bank for deposits.

For most smoking pipe retailers, dealing with money is the most challenging aspect of the business. CC processing companies and banks charge a premium for their services because fewer options exist. In addition, banks that handle ‘high risk’ accounts typically charge a monthly fee.  

Where to Sell Smoking Pipe in the US

There are several opportunities to sell smoking pipes in the US. You could choose a popular platform like Amazon, operate in a retail store, or open an eCommerce business. Whatever way you decide, it is essential to comply with your platform, state regulators, web hosting companies, and 3rd party financial services companies.

Selling Smoking Pipes on Amazon

Amazon is the largest online marketplace on Earth, and a great place to reach the US market. The platform does allow pipes to be sold, but they have to be marketed for tobacco use only. In Amazon’s seller central terms and conditions, tobacco pipes are listed under permitted items.

When you set up your listing, you will want to specifically mention in the title that the pipe is for tobacco use; otherwise, Amazon may not approve your products.

Sell Smoking Pipe in US

While selling smoking pipes in the US is challenging, the opportunity is incredible for foreign entrepreneurs. The US market is massive, and more and more people are embracing the consumption of cannabis, increasing the size of your potential target consumer base.

Before investing in the US, be sure to understand what products are popular and the correct language needed to reach the most customers possible. 

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