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Top 10 Weed Accessories in 2022
The cannabis industry has emerged from the shadows of prohibition into mainstream culture. In the past, weed accessories were extremely limited to the public and unimaginative. Since legalization and acceptance by the majority, however, the industry has undergone exponential innovation,...
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How to Save on Sourcing Smoking Accessories?
As cannabis use becomes more acceptable in Western culture, retailers worldwide can benefit from this budding new industry. While the selling of cannabis, hemp, and tobacco is tightly regulated, smoking accessories are relatively easy to sell, both online and in...
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20 Bong Designs that are Popular Right Now
The glass bong is a testament to the sheer ingenuity of the cannabis community. What started as a filtering mechanism has become a form of artistic expression and high-quality smoker engineering. In this post, we feature 20 of the most...
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